I am 83, a Korean War Vet and do not need any more costs.

I did not go to school to become a garboligist. I pay my garbage bill on time and do not care to travel all over the city to get rid of things meant for my garbage can. I have been to the recycling center and it seems pretty simple to me the way it is set up. Get another big container and if it is not supposed to be in the recycling put it in that container and burn it or bury it.

I am certain citizens do the best job they can considering – you/we want everything perfect and then we can just set and watch it being recycled. A simple solution is to merely print some simple instructions with pictures – so we can be reminded and help out the ones that cannot understand or are just lucky to get the garbage container out to the road and remember which day is recycling day. Do not make it any tougher that it already is. How is a garbage truck driver going to determine which black bag is whose, or what piece of plastic dumped in the back of the truck is the same piece of plastic as all the rest of the neighbors who had garbage picked up the same day? Are garbage truck drivers going to start inspecting and opening black plastic bags?

Robert Adams, Rochester

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