I was first eligible to vote in the 1972 presidential election and have taken every opportunity to vote since then. The upcoming General Election on Nov. 3, is among the most consequential of my lifetime. Regardless of your perspective or politics, the issues facing us will determine the future of our families and children: local, national, worldwide, from soil & water to top leadership.

In Minnesota we have many choices about how to cast a vote. You do not need to be at your polling place on Election Day if you have concerns about this approach. You can actually cast your ballot from your own home!

Please rely on these impartial sources of information for Election Day:

  1. MN Secretary of State to register or verify your registration: www.mnvotes.org
  2. Olmsted County Election Office: www.lwvrochester.org and click Voting Information and then the OCEO link, or call their office at (507) 328-7650.
  3. The national League of Women Voters: www.Vote411.org for impartial candidate information.

Every voter should stay safe and stay engaged!

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Walt Rothwell, Rochester