Yesterday's mail included strident political ads from the DFL advocating banning Conversion Therapy Minnesota Republicans as anti-LGBTQ.

A government law banning "Conversion Therapy" is political correctness run amok. How such a law would be be administrated and enforced raises profound patient and doctor privacy and confidentiality issues. 2020 patients are increasingly wary about what they can say to their doctors and doctors censoring what they can say to patients. If a doctor ran afoul of the law (how would this be determined/) would she lose her Minnesota medical license and be excluded as a "provider' by insurance networks?

Conversion Therapy by definition seeks to change the gender identification/sexual behavior of an individual patient. It simply doesn't work, much like other medical treatments which are discarded.

To combat the pretext that one's sexual person-hood should be changed, widespread public education is called for. However, legislating a government edict regarding the purpose or content of medical psychotherapy is antithetical to Hippocratic ethics. And, ironically the civil liberties of LBGTQ people and other citizens who seek and expect quality medical psychotherapy are compromised when the government enters and censors the content of doctor-patient examining room conversations.

Lee Beecher, MD, DLFAPA, FASAM, Saint Louis Park

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