As a concerned resident of Rochester who is a bicyclist and pet walker, I want to ask the community to ask Mayor Norton and the city council to consider the following during the Nov. 16 city council meeting:

  • We want safer, healthier, and stronger neighborhoods.
  • We want our kids to be able to cross streets safely to visit friends and family.
  • We want to safely walk our pets and ride our bikes.
  • The roads will be made safer if the city engineer has the ability to use their technical training and local knowledge to respond to the hundreds of speeding complaints made by our neighbors.
  • We want people to drive like their kids live in our neighborhoods, and to use the collector streets and major roads, not our neighborhood streets, as commuter routes.
  • This initiative is not about enforcement; the data show that people drive (on average) 5 to 7 mph over the limit, so reduced speed limits do reduce speeds.
  • Commute times will be minimally affected; the proposed 20 mph speed limit on neighborhood streets would add approximately 30 seconds to the average commute time.

Please contact Mayor Norton, the city council president and your ward representative regarding Slower is Safer and include the above information. Thank you very much.

Karla Mees, Rochester

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