The Doyle-Conner construction crew (among others) did a marvelous job of laying new concrete on 55th St. NW in Rochester. However, with the only stoplights at 18th Ave. NW and West River Road NW, I’m afraid the “stretch” between Highway 52 and North Broadway has become a notorious “speed zone” already. I happen to live just north of 55th St., and I’ve been witness to many vehicles (including large trucks with trailers) speeding through the intersection (with 18th Ave.) at speeds of 65 and even 70 miles per hour.

I realize it’s difficult not to speed on such a straight stretch of 4-lane highway. But, I can’t help but worry what one of those vehicles might do if their brakes ever fail.

But, once again, the work crew did a very commendable job — with all the work involved. And, I’m certain they must have met any deadlines they might have had.

Bruce G. Closway, Rochester

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