So far, we do not know who our president is and it might be quite a while before we find out – due to, I think, voter fraud with all these mail-in ballots and absentee ballots used this year.

And just for information, I received 12 absentee ballot applications to get a ballot sent to me if I wished. I never vote absentee ballot.

We need to get back to having all people vote in person at the polls. No more absentee or mail-in ballots unless absolutely necessary. I realize we have COVID-19 – just wear your masks and keep 6 feet apart, if possible. Plan on going to the polls, spending all day if need be, and waiting in line to vote.

I did a lot of calling for the Trump campaign in Minnesota and almost all people were going to the polls to vote in person as they stated they did not trust the absentee ballots or mail-in ballots.

Alice M. Atkinson, Lake City