I was disappointed to read in the recent edition of the Post-Bulletin that Caledonia had to cancel the remainder of their football schedule.

However, I was more than disappointed with Mr. Fruechte's comment that "in my humble opinion, a lot of this falls on our governor." I was quite irritated by that comment.

He should know and realize that this does not fall on the governor. Rather it falls on those who demonstrated irresponsible, reckless and I dare say, "stupid" behavior. Willful ignorance regarding this pandemic puts all of us in danger.

You have to be living in another world not to realize the pain, suffering and upheaval this pandemic has created.

Science has proven that wearing a mask, due diligence in hand-washing, and maintaining distance are critical to getting this under control.

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So before pointing a finger or two at Gov. Walz, look around and ask, "How many community members and people close to those who are concerned about athletics have stepped up to the plate to keep this disappointment from happening?"

You are either "part of the solution . . . or part of the problem."

Mask up, wash up, and do the right thing for yourself, the football team, and your community.

Patrick Byron, Winona