Delegates to the Minnesota Farmers Union Convention, members and customers of the organization, and elected officials.

I would like to call your attention to the proposed bylaw changes on the agenda for the Minnesota Farmers Union (MFU) convention to be held virtually Nov. 21. One of the bylaw changes makes it legal for the executive committee to set the compensation for the officers without the approval of the full board. The executive committee has been doing it this way for years, and some members of the full board have been making an issue of this, due to the lack of transparency.

The second bylaw change is the amount of votes a delegate or county president may carry. I want to note there is a reduction of representation but no provision for any mail-in ballots for state officer elections. The customers of Farmers Union Insurance should take an interest in the proposed bylaw changes because the CEO of MFU also declared at the August full board meeting that they increased the dividend by $50,000 from the Insurance side to the organization. The dividend should have been reduced by $50,000 and then that would have made $100,000 available for premium relief to MFU Insurance customers. The delegates should discuss the changes and soundly defeat them.

The full board needs to get to work and again retain the assistance of Cooperative Development Services. Thank you for your time and for voting no on these bylaw changes.

John A. Thormodson, Madelia