Mr. Books, I am a Biden voter willing to answer your questions.

Don’t defund the police, but reform the police. Change their training; support mental health.

I believe in Medicare for all – who want it. Do federal control and socialized medicine mean free COVID vaccines for all who want one, and national coordination of vital supplies? During a pandemic, the health of all citizens depends on the health of our most disadvantaged citizens.

We live in a world economy and a world climate, one that's in crisis. There is world-wide interdependence, so the policies of all governments effect all others.

An inherently racist nation? I see pervasive racism, and I only see a fraction of what African Americans see. We should be much better.

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No, don’t raise taxes on all of us, just on the rich and large corporations who excel at tax avoidance.

Religion, all religions, are part of our national fabric. Religion should have no influence on our government; only the morality observed in all religions should influence our government.

Can’t we be proud of our heritage without keeping icons in public displays that are offensive to significant numbers of citizens?

To paraphrase Mr. Books, in my 67 years as a regular (privileged) white guy in Minnesota and Wisconsin, I have never been more disappointed in and incredulous of the 70+ million people who think continuing Trump’s immoral policies and lies are the best way to govern Americans.

Daniel Rand, Rochester