I would think Trump voters would be embarrassed. From trying to overthrow an election, to stoking baseless conspiracy theories, to attempting to break sacred tenets of our Constitution, showing no regard for damage to our electoral process, weakening the Biden administration’s position, vetoing a bill denying our armed forces the raises they deserve, demanding amendments slowing the COVID relief bill, he has proven the only thing important to him is that he is not seen as a loser.

I’m trying to understand what American can continue to support a man who has lied daily from the start of his campaigns, never admitting any failing policies. Did you really think Mexico would pay for a wall? Did you really believe all the things he said, even when clearly proven that those statements were either totally false or made up from the top of his head? Why hide your taxes for more than 4 years? Where is the better, cheaper Obamacare replacement? As I write, he is now encouraging riotous behavior by his followers in D.C. Is this loving America? Pages and pages are necessary to note all the disastrous activity (or inactivity i.e. pandemic) from his last four years. Any attempt to overthrow this election should be considered seditious and treasonous since all appeals have correctly died in the courts. Involved senators and representatives should resign. By the way, have you sent him your contribution? Again, are you embarrassed yet?

Mike O’Neill, Kasson

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