After two months of spouting baseless conspiracy theories that laid the groundwork for Wednesday’s violent attack on our nation’s Capitol and two years of servility to the disgraced president who directly incited this violence, you’d think Congressman Jim Hagedorn would feel chastened to see what his actions have wrought. Instead, he continues to cast unfounded doubts on the integrity of our elections, and his paltry public statement does not even condemn the armed insurrectionists who paraded the Confederate flag through the halls of Congress without first attacking “leftist activists.” Does he truly not recognize that his rhetoric will only continue to stoke the flames of violence? If so, he’s incompetent. More likely, he knows exactly what he’s doing and is willing to trade our national security for the adoration of Mr. Trump’s base. If that is the case, he should be investigated for sedition.

Emily Johnston, Rochester

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