It didn't start with the seatbelt law, but that's when I remember being told something was for my own good, or I will get fined. Our rights trickled away, always for the "better," to keep us safe and for those who don't respect rules. Being supervised in Orwellian obeyance, because we're not dependable enough to decide for ourselves. Filling out forms for Medicare, we're allowed to make one change, 3 months out of the year, but you won't see those changes until 6 months later. It's called "corralling;" keeping us making the decisions "they" want. That's because they would be swamped with people changing things. Very thankful that being on hold the whole day won't get worse. They say, "We do this to better assist you making your life choices and curtailing your right to decide about your body." This begs the question. Who is "they?" The answer, a little more insidious; United States, U.S., as in Us. We're the ones who let it get this far. Whatever side we decide, we cannot allow our freedoms to disappear because we do not agree with the other side. A mosquito in a tent can cause a lot of attention, but our fear of getting squashed, standing out, being wrong, has kept us in resting mode. We need to get up now, it's time to wake up..

Laura Rice, Rochester

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