Symbols are important, the Capitol, White House, federal offices, state capitols and offices are more than just buildings. We don't just build big boxes on the mall but rather impressive edifices!

Activity is also symbolic. Our representative had pledged to engage in a symbolic vote or votes on Wednesday. He knew that his vote would not change the outcome of the presidential election; it was his right to do so!

Then the world changed. The terroristic acts in the Capitol rocked us to our foundations, but our congressman did not realize that. He did not appreciate that his symbolic vote was no longer about the state's elector but rather about endorsing the acts of rioters! Many in Congress did and changed their plans.

His knee-jerk support of the president is an embarrassment to the first district; leaders in both parties are condemning the acts of the president.

The rioters were trying to take over the government, Congress was forced to shelter in the basement, rioters were armed with weapons of mass destruction, but our congressman continued his support.

Fortunately our congressman will be in the minority and relatively powerless.

We deserve a public apology and repentance.

Ray Schmitz, Rochester