Actions by Jim Hagedorn after the attack on the U.S. Capitol Building demonstrate he is unfit for office. His only allegiance is to Donald Trump, a man who has acted so heinously that his own party is trying to distance itself from him. His own cabinet members are discussing the possibility of invoking the 25th Amendment to remove him from the presidency.

But instead of taking the opportunity to take a stand against Trump's lies of a “rigged” election, Hagedorn backed them up. This is after a hoard of terrorists with guns and pipe bombs overran the Capitol Building. Congressmen, fearing for their lives, were whisked out of the building to go into hiding in undisclosed locations. Some members of the Republican Party were giving interviews after the siege and finally came to their senses and admitted that Trump is a monster intent on destroying the country. Some decided, in the interest of preserving our nation, to abandon Trump’s lies and admit the election was fair and Trump lost. But not Hagedorn. He doubled down on the lies, voting twice in favor of objecting to the electoral count.

When history looks back on this horrific day, Hagedorn will probably not even be mentioned. Because he is only one of 122 cowardly House Republicans who, after an armed insurrection in which four people died, did not have the backbones to stand up to Donald Trump. The nation does not care about Hagedorn. Southern Minnesota, Hagedorn is our shame to bear.

Chad Alladin, Madison Lake

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