A recent news article titled “Enbridge pipeline project was hitting at a key time for union laborers" reported on the significant positive impact the Line 3 replacement project is having on union workers.

The more you learn about something as big as Line 3, the more you realize its importance. This applies to almost anything in life, and it for sure applies to the positive ripple effect from this project.

For years we have been hearing so much about Line 3 from politicians and others that has been focused on the bigger issues. To me, what did not get enough attention is how these projects impact the people who work on them. When you hear the stories of what Line 3 means to thousands of union workers and their families, it’s incredible.

The jobs that Line 3 creates and supports will mean an entire family can survive, can eat, can live their lives. In times like these, with unions less busy than usual, that family most likely is living on the edge and finding work far away from home without Line 3 happening here in Minnesota.

Opponents want you to think Line 3 does nothing good for anyone but Enbridge. That couldn’t be further from the truth. This project supplies our state with energy, protects our environment and our water, and feeds and supports families.

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Greg J. Gallas, Rochester