In the wake of the insurrection in Washington last week, I believe Minnesotans should take a hard look at their leaders and their actions after the fact. Clearly, any support of insurrection is unpatriotic, and un-American. Let’s examine Hagedorn’s record after the incident.

Rep. Jim Hagedorn objected to the counting of Pennsylvania’s electoral ballots after the Capitol had been defiled by a mob intent on mayhem and stopping the normal function of our democracy. Doing so demonstrated an incredible insensitivity to the moment. Our democracy was literally under attack, and instead of standing for the Constitution and the institutions of our government, he chose to further call into question an orderly transfer of power to the incoming administration. What were his motivations? Were his actions in good faith or perfidious? If it is the former, then he is a fool who bought into Trump’s lies about a stolen election. If it is the latter, then he was actively working to subvert our Constitution, and an orderly transfer of power. In either event, he helped throw gasoline on extremist ideation: that unless Republicans win, elections are invalid. This is the very heart of authoritarianism: the idea that there can be no valid opposition to one’s own group and that any opposition must be crushed.

Whether a fool, or an unpatriotic authoritarian, Hagedorn has demonstrated that he is incapable of upholding his oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. Such a person is unworthy of serving in Congress.

Aaron Civil, Kasson

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