I am very disappointed with Rep. Jim Hagedorn for his role in the events leading up to the domestic terrorist attack on the Capitol building this past week. He was a part of a group of US lawmakers that enabled President Trump to get to the point where he could incite a riot that would desecrate this symbol of our democracy. By allowing Trump’s anti-democratic rhetoric and enabling his dangerous actions, Hagedorn is every part as guilty as Trump is. I agree with Sen. Mitt Romney in his speech at the counting of the electoral votes where he called out the Republicans who enabled Trump for their complicity in the horrific series of events on Jan. 6. This very much applies to Hagedorn.

Quoting CNN’s Joe Lockhart: Too many Republican leaders today are more interested in preserving their own power than protecting our democracy.

Hagedorn is obviously a part of this group and that is deeply disturbing. Rep. Hagedorn was elected to represent the people of southern Minnesota and not his own political gain.

Jim Steenburgh, Rochester

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