I read with interest Dave Orrick’s analysis of “What to expect from the 2021 Minnesota legislative session” last week. I was glad to hear that the House Majority Leader plans to prioritize child care. I am an early childhood director, teacher and mother, and I see how hard providers, teachers and families are working to get by in this pandemic. Child care has been underfunded for years and with the pandemic’s added financial strain, many centers have folded, putting teachers out of work. Now, even fewer parents can afford the care their families need. It’s time for our legislators to come together to support the next generation of Minnesotans and all who care for them by fully funding child care. If all of us, including the wealthiest, pay our fair share, then we will have enough to go around. After all, our greatest investment should be in our children, who are the next generation.

Helen White, Director, Quality Kids Care Center Inc., Rochester

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