The following are five true and factual dated events. They include several decisions across our country after the Nov. 3 election, and votes cast by Congressman Jim Hagedorn. (references provided).

Nov. 13, 2020: Trump’s attorneys drop the lawsuit against Arizona’s Gov. Hobbs. This was about ballot irregularities.

Nov. 30, 2020: Arizona's state canvass for the general election approves 11 Electoral College votes for Biden. The AZ voter turnout was 79.9%, with 1.67 million votes (Biden) and 1.66 million votes (Trump). ( )

Dec. 11, 2020: U.S. Supreme Court dismisses lawsuit by the Texas attorney general against the states of Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Dec. 14, 2020: Pennsylvania – Unanimous vote for 20 electors for Biden, in accordance with the Nov. 3 popular vote. The PA voter turnout was 71%, with 3.46 million votes (Biden) and 3.38 million votes (Trump). (

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Jan. 6, 2021: U.S. Congress certification of electoral votes – including PA and AZ. Roll Call #10 - Motion at 11:10 p.m., Hagedorn votes "Yea.” Roll Call #11 - Motion at 3:11 a.m., Hagedorn votes “Yea." "Yea" votes object to the PA and AZ certifications. Motions failed; final vote: 282 to certify, 138 to object. Hagedorn voted twice to object to the state’s certifications. ( Why did Hagedorn vote to object for certifications in these other states? How can Hagedorn justify these votes, which were critical factors in the Jan. 6 mob riots in Washington, D.C., and critical for our democracy?

Bill Thompson, Mantorville