We are wasting time trying to impeach our former president. So, why are we going through the motions? What a waste of time and effort!

We are wasting all that time and effort, IMO, for one reason. That reason is to get each and every person who has a vote in the matter recorded for posterity in black and white, on an immutable and permanent paper. So that there is no equivocation as to their intent and action.

We've suffered 4 years of dedicated mismanagement from a man who has no religion but himself. Who has no goal other than personal empowerment and monetary gain. Who destroys the lives of those who fall from his favor. Don't think so? Read Michael Cohen's book.

We do not need to re-elect people who will openly condone treason against our country, who are willing to promote domestic terror against our electors and citizens. And that, dear people, is why we are wasting time.

Dave Knecht, Zumbro Falls