I believe the greatest gift of history is perspective. Many historians view WWII as the most significant event of the 20th century. Certainly there are other candidates, but I tend to agree. American deaths in WWII were 400,000 over approximately 4 years. American deaths due to COVID-19 have reached 423,000 in only 1 year. America’s population is only 4% of Earth’s total population, but has accounted for 20-25% of worldwide COVID-19 deaths and cases.

So what do we conclude? What do we do? There is plenty of evidence supporting the effectiveness of wearing masks, social distancing and hand cleanliness as the best measures of defense until most people receive vaccination.

Yet another perspective: Think of the tough hunkering down European civilians endured during 6 long years of WWII’s devastation. Come on America, toughen up, play for the team and mask up for only 3-6 more months. We are all in this together.

Tom Brinkman, Rochester

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