The weekend Post Bulletin noted GOP Sen. Dave Senjem was invited to an advisory task force on women's economic security, put together by DFL state Attorney General Keith Ellison. The 14 other members apparently all lean liberal, with some hyperpartisan "ad hoc" members as well. Gosh, I just can't imagine what kinds of legislation and lawsuits this task force will vote to recommend.

Sen. Senjem may think he is making a contribution, but for any idea he voices that is not hard left he will get a nice pat on the head and his input will be ignored. The task force will also ignore the reality that when you account for education, experience, hours worked, career choices (guess what, engineers make more than kindergarten teachers) and other factors, the "wage gap" between men and women is nearly zero. I like Dave, but apparently he is getting too old to realize when he is being exploited as token window dressing so the DFL can claim to have "bipartisan" legislation.

Chris Brandt, Rochester

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