In a recent message to her constituents, State Sen. Carla Nelson described Gov. Walz’s budget as “indefensible” and “shocking.” She goes on to say that the proposal would “add salt to the injury” of Minnesotans struggling during the pandemic and that she is “incredibly disappointed.”

Intentionally driving political wedges and mudslinging might be great tactics on the campaign trail, but we are in the middle of a pandemic and our families and businesses are desperate for answers. We need legislators who are at the Capitol to serve, not simply to score political gamesmanship points with their base.

Is the governor’s plan perfect? Most likely not. But 50% (give or take) of Sen. Nelson’s constituents believe that investing in our schools and small businesses by asking millionaires to pay their fair share of taxes is the right thing to do.

Rather than debating the governor’s proposal in good faith and working to craft a bipartisan plan for economic recovery, the Minnesota GOP announced that the plan was dead on arrival. Sen. Roger Chamberlain of Lino Lakes summed up the Senate GOP’s stance with their 2021 Legislative Session slogan, “Just Say No.”

It is time for our legislators to work together to find the best plan for Minnesota. That starts by focusing less on taking political pot shots at the governor to score points on Twitter and more on reaching across the aisle.

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Daniel Hicks, Rochester