I would like journalists to inform citizens how our representative is voting on the volatile action taking place in our nation's Capitol. How did Rep. Jim Hagedorn vote on censuring Liz Cheney? How did he vote on removing Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green from the Education Committee and her role in our U.S. Congress? Where is he on QAnon? Is he a believer? Does he believe there was no Parkland High School shooting? Or Sandy Hook ... or 9/11 Pentagon bombing? He needs to be asked these questions. We are in a crossroad in our country. It was severe and shocking what we witnessed with the death and destruction in our national Capitol. In a letter to me, his response was that he questions the election results. He voted on Jan. 6 to not approve the election results. Thirty lawsuits in front of 93 judges voided that claim. Recounts, audits and state validation confirmed Joe Biden as president. So I see him resisting the truth, and I would ask that journalists do their job and find out where he is on the truth on the election, QAnon and supporting truth over falsehoods.

Judy Bird, Byron

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