This is a movie we have seen, this is our movie and our move, right now. divide and conquer will continue when it continues to work. Disagreeing in our "party prejudice" affiliation, is a necessary evil for us to see both sides, expanding our view to see the dark corners of our one-sided platforms. Manipulating freedom of speech, because we don't agree with the other side is dangerous. Truths become dangerous when they interfere with a ruling class agenda. Who is being protected and served? Who got rich from this last divide and conquer unease of this disease? When in doubt, always follow the money. We have to be the change and keep our eyes wide open to what is happening, what's sensationalized and what is not being shown, by the media flavor of the month. Thirty-four million gallons of oil got spilled from pipelines in the last 10 years, and Enbridge is rapidly laying pipe down under the Mississippi River, right now. Pedophilia is still rampant, and children are still caged and still missing, Whistleblowers are still being jailed as well as innocents and people still disappearing or committing suicide with a bullet in their back. We are in need of a reset, and 2021 will only get better when we become better.

Laura Rice, Rochester

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