I have been watching the antics of the Line 3 pipeline protesters over the past few months, but some of their actions the past few weeks have moved into straight hypocrisy that has been rather amusing.

These pipeline opponents claim that they are against oil, yet they brag about their caravans arriving from across the country which leave their cars running during protests.

They are against utilizing our resources, but they utilize them by the dozens to get them to their protest sites.

They oppose transporting oil, but they use oil that has been transported.

How hypocritical is it, to claim that we do not need this pipeline and it must be shut down, while at the same time, using the resources that the pipeline carries and that our state and country depend on?

Working to find viable alternative energies is important, and would be a better use of the protesters’ energy, but based on how they operate now, they have demonstrated that they definitely do depend on oil here and now.

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The reality is we need this pipeline, and others, for the foreseeable future. Replacing it safely is the best thing both for our environment and for our communities.

Greg J Gallas, Rochester