Recently, Dodge County Sheriff Scott Rose submitted a concerning post on the county’s public social media platform. In it, Rose minimized the deaths of Black men at the hands of law enforcement officers and issued thinly veiled threats of withholding officers to help surrounding communities in need. Perhaps most alarming was when Rose went as far as to state that the death of George Floyd was due to Floyd’s own actions and “not the officer’s knee on his neck.” Rose has drawn conclusions on a trial that has yet to take place.

In a time where many are focused on listening, learning and understanding their own dangerous racial biases, Rose shows no shame in proudly displaying his own. In doing so, he is further marginalizing many in the community he is charged to serve. Not only that, but he perpetuates the dangerously racist undertones of the “Law and Order” chant that has destroyed communities and killed our Black neighbors for decades. And he is doing so on the threshold of what is sure to be a very tumultuous next several months.

Personal biases rooted in racism have no place in our communities and certainly not from elected law enforcement officers. As a community, we must demand better from those who are sworn to serve and protect us – all of us. And it has to start here, in our small communities. We simply cannot stand for this. We must hold people like Scott Rose accountable for his words and biases.

Annie Johnson, Oronoco

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