It seems like a number of Rochester residents have assigned themselves as judge and jury of Alexander Weiss. In particular, Monique Shanice is reflecting severe and misleading judgmental attitudes towards a person who was not convicted after two jury trials, who has subsequently had the charges dropped and the case expunged from his record.

An example of one of the misleading statements made by Ms. Shanice is the statement that, “Some of these students might have known (Rahim),” referring to players on the current 8th-grade girl basketball teams, which Mr. Weiss was recently officiating. Mr. Rahim, was 17 years old in 2018. The girls playing on the teams officiated by Mr. Weiss would have been around 10 to 11 years old in 2018. It seems to me highly unlikely and improbable that a 10- or 11 year old girl in 4th or 5th grade in 2018 would have known a then 17-year-old male in 11th-grade high school. In other words: there would be minimal chance for those girls to have any interaction at all with Mr. Rahim and thus would not have known him.

I would ask that Ms. Shanice, and others of the same ilk, think about judgmental, misleading and damning statements they make against someone. Will Mr. Weiss be branded and punished for the rest of his life by fellow community members like Ms. Shanice? I say he should not, as that responsibility is now between Mr. Weiss and God.

Mark Bauman, Rochester

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