If you do not like the crow and his residue all over your town, then why do you still protect him?

About 6 years ago, the Post Bulletin published a letter of mine wherein I explained that the reason you have crows all throughout your town is because you protect him from his only natural predator. Evidently I was not succinct enough. The owl is the only natural predator to the crow. The owl can only hunt the crow at night. If you light up your city 24/7, you will always have the crow in residence.

I can't believe the recent article in the Post worrying about funding for the crow problem. Perhaps the city of Rochester could figure out a way to flip a light switch off in a timely and consistent manner, save a bunch of money and effort, and do something to promote the owl instead of the crow.

If someone could see fit to have a midnight curfew of bright lights, and illuminate the public walkways with mushroom type lights, maybe your pedestrians would no longer have to negotiate crow poop 24/7.

Surely it would beat living in the stuff, which Rochester has been doing for a VERY long time.

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Dave Knecht, Zumbro