I am a veteran and a resident of Plainview. We have a Veterans Memorial Park that was a local Boy Scout's Eagle Scout project. He had heard a Vietnam Veteran give a talk at the high school and did the project to show his appreciation for veterans. In addition to the two plaques about veterans, there is one for the Peace Corps. A former resident who was in the Peace Corps wants to change the park with the Peace Corps being as its centerpiece. I consider it a slap in the face to all veterans. Yes, the Peace Corps was/is a wonderful and worthwhile organization. But remember – they were volunteers. The majority of today's veterans had no choice but to serve. While it is understandable wanting a way to honor these fine volunteers, it should in no way overshadow or replace the current memorial to veterans. There are other places in the area where a memorial could be erected.

Clarence R. Day, Plainview

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