Wow! Congratulations to Rochester’s Sustainability and Resiliency Task Force for receiving a 2021 Climate Adaptation Award from the Minnesota Climate Adaptation Partnership (MCAP). Rochester is also being nationally recognized for its efforts to reach a sustainable, clean energy future. A crew from This American Land, a national conservation newsmagazine series, recorded a video here highlighting the collaboration between the city, Mayo Clinic, developers, public transportation and RPU. (To view online, search for Renewable Urban Energy at: www.

While Rochester is stepping up to do its part, we need strong action from our elected leaders in Washington, D.C., to actually stop the climate crisis in its tracks. Adapting is an escalating struggle in the face of a climate gone crazy and the ensuing stress to ecosystems on which our lives depend. I urge Rep. Jim Hagedorn to support the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (HR763), which would charge fossil fuel producers a fee reflecting the true costs of climate change that we are all now paying. Burning these fuels has to stop. Clean, renewable energy is the most cost-effective way forward.

Laurel Regan, Rochester

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