Growing up, my working class parents provided us with a comfortable home. We often provided a warm bed for a relative or friend who came for shelter, and some stays lasted a year. It was a time when we took care of each other, and today we can still provide that level of care for one another.

Having a secure home begins with education and a job with a living wage. It requires affordable childcare with fairly paid child educators. It requires paid family leave so that a sudden illness doesn’t mean that there is no income.

Minnesota’s COVID-19 Recovery Budget provides the foundation for sheltering the future for ALL Minnesotans. It will aid in the recovery of small businesses, ensure that each student is a recipient of a strong education from early childhood through advanced learning. It gives working families credit to help make ends meet.

This is our opportunity to make Minnesota stronger by supporting businesses, improving education, creating housing and funding healthcare.

We can care for each other. We can all pay our fair share so that Minnesotans have a strong recovery from this Pandemic. We can do this and balance the budget by giving the wealthiest Minnesotans the opportunity to pay their fair share. Success is based on the stability of EACH Minnesotan.

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Sen. Carla Nelson is tax chair in the Senate, and she works for us. Encourage her to provide the opportunity for us to recover stronger and better! Call her office at 651-296-4848.

Jane Greiling, Rochester