I went to work at Mayo Clinic at age 17 as a medical secretary in 1957. I had three months of medical terminology and then straight to work for the head of a section, a job I held for almost 10 years until my son was born. I wanted to stay home with him, so I quit. My husband worked at IBM. At 17, I made $180 a month. In 1966, I was making almost $5 an hour.

Two and one half years later, because of my husband's health, I had to go back to work. Mayo didn't want to pay any more than what I was earning when I quit, so I checked out IBM and was immediately hired at $5.50 an hour in 1969.

How about if we require every congressman or congresswoman who objects to $15 an hour that they be paid only $15 an hour for their work. Maybe then they would think about a living wage instead of a minimum wage.

Also, they must accept the same health care policies as the rest of us.

Also, they can't leave Congress and start in a lobby position for at least 5 years after leaving.

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Judy Severson, Kasson