Here’s what I want for my granddaughter. I want her to live in a strong and resilient democracy – one that welcomes participation from diverse candidates with different perspectives and new ideas. A democracy where candidates compete on the issues (not their personalities) and where candidates are accountable to the voters (not special interests).

That is why I am such a strong advocate for ranked choice voting – a system that has been tested and shown to reduce political polarization and increase civility in elections. I for one refuse to sit on the sidelines for fear of leaving this child a legacy of political extremism and hate.

I also want this young girl to grow up in a country that respects science, protects our environment and provides health care for every single citizen. These are additional reasons why I support ranked choice voting. Without more accountability to voters and a robust, issue-oriented election system, how can we expect enough of our elected officials to act to save our planet and its people?

Ranked choice voting is not a partisan issue. It’s a pro-voter issue. It will produce better government for all of us, and progress on the issues that really matter.

Please join me and support HF 89 and SF 218 moving through the state Legislature right now. Encourage your representatives to endorse this legislation. If for no other reason, do it for your grandchildren.

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Nancy L. Adams, Rochester