I would like to thank Arne Carlson for his recent article, "Medically Assisted death is not a partisan issue." He speaks the truth for what the End-of-Life Option legislation really is about: Allowing adults who are facing imminent death and are capable of making their own decisions to decide how, where and when they leave this precious world and cross over. No one else has the right to decide this for the one who is dying.

In a letter to the editor, Paul Stark shared his "concerns," used "suicide" to describe his point 10 times, along with many other issues that provoke reaction and fear in our community. Clearly, assisted suicide is the wedge being used by non-supporters. Nine other states have this as law. If there are concerns, then let's join together to work them out. It is unbelievable that one could describe this bill as assisting suicide, and not allowing a person to choose when they have run out of options for treatment. Families face enormous grief and loss when a loved one takes their life and they are left wondering why? and how? Do not disrespect them.

My wife, Monica Kathrine Schliep, died on Feb. 15, 2020. She lived a brave life after her diagnosis and wanted nothing more than to live.

In 2016, a poll of Minnesotans showed more than 70% support an end of life option for individuals. What happens to us when we stop listening to the needs of others? Contact your legislator for their support on this bill.

Carrie Framsted, Grand Marais