Members of the Minnesota Legislature should represent the people of their district, including Sen. David Senjem, whose district includes Dodge Center, Kasson, Byron, Oronoco, and north Rochester. He controls the agenda of the Energy and Utilities Finance and Policy Committee as chair. A majority of people in both local and national surveys have a desire for clean energy. I asked Sen. Senjem to bring bill SF643 to a hearing in committee; it would require electric utilities to generate higher percentages of electricity from clean energy sources as time passes.

Although he has collaborated on clean energy with groups in Minnesota and Germany, Senjem didn’t bring SF643 up for hearing. I feel this may be the result of partisan politics, since the chief author of SF643 is Democratic Sen. Nick Frentz of Mankato. So far in 2021, Sen. Senjem has included 22 of 30 bills whose chief authors were Republicans on the agenda of his committee, but only 1 of 14 bills whose chief authors were Democrats. Sen. Senjem knows that Minnesota will benefit by being a leader in clean energy, with economic growth, jobs, and a better environment. Sen. Senjem, please lead by what we need rather than by partisan politics. That will be best for everyone.

Dave Mickelson, Rochester

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