I'm sick and tired of Republican outcry over children crossing the border. All of our officials are elected to take care of our problems, not just point fingers. Yes the borders need more security , this is not just a democratic problem. And, thank goodness , none of our ancestors were immigrants. Look at your children or grandchildren and try to imagine how bad things have to be to just say, "Goodbye , I can’t give you a better life so I will put my faith in God and America."

Thank God none of our ancestors were immigrants. If they were, entire families likely came over together, back when the Statue of Liberty stood for something.

On a brighter note, Republican-led Legislatures are wasting taxpayer money by trying to change our state borders. Don’t they represent all the people in their district? Seems to me that when things go bad for them , they try to change the rules, change voting regulations, move district lines and lie about voter fraud. You want to say it so say it. Pass a bill that makes it illegal to vote if you are a Democrat .


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