Minnesotans are at an energy crossroads.

We cannot continue to rely so heavily on unsustainable, out-of-state petroleum as our transportation fuel. Electric vehicles, while promising, are years away from being the everyday norm to the average Minnesotan.

So what can we do now, today, to meet our state’s energy needs and environmental goals?

There are exciting proposals being debated at the Minnesota Capitol to further advance greener energy in Minnesota. These proposals would set a higher standard for blending biofuels in our gasoline, creating significant health and environmental benefits across Minnesota and delivering a boost to Minnesota farmers and rural communities.

Higher blends of ethanol in our transportation fuel reduce greenhouse gas emissions, deliver higher octane at a lower cost, and provide significant economic benefits here at home. Now, at a time when so many issues are partisan, these proposals to use more Minnesota-grown biofuels have the support of both GOP and DFL legislators and Gov. Tim Walz.

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Now is the time to move forward with higher blends of ethanol. It’s something we can do today to help lower harmful emissions. For example, moving to an E15 standard (gasoline with 15 percent ethanol) would reduce carbon emissions by 332,000 tons per year, which is equivalent to removing more than 72,000 cars from the road.

I know Minnesotans are commonsensical and forward thinking. Our transportation fuel should reflect that. Tell your legislator to support higher blends of ethanol now at BetterFuelNowMN.com.

Judy Kahn, Elgin