Why aren’t retention ponds fenced?

I have asked a question of family and friends for several years about retention ponds. Why are they not fenced off?

Sadly, I am moved to write today because of the tragedy of an 18-month old boy found facedown in a retention pond. He is fighting for his life, and this breaks my heart. This could have been avoided with a fence.

I do believe that if you have a swimming pool or a body of water in your yard, you are obligated by law to have a locked fence around it. This makes me wonder why the city does not have to do the same with retention ponds.

I feel retention ponds are far more dangerous than pools because their edges are uneven and there are weeds growing in them that children can get tangled up in. The ground going up to the water is also uneven and mushy, a major falling hazard. I just wonder why they are not fenced.

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Kris Mickelberg, Rochester