It’s time to act!

Since 1970, Americans have observed Earth Day on April 22. This year is no exception. The first Earth Day occurred during the term of Republican President Richard Nixon. He observed a growing concern by Americans about the nation’s environment. To avoid being on the wrong side of history and voters, he signed into law the Clean Air and Clean Water Act and formed the EPA.

Now, 50 years later, every poll returns with the same findings. Regardless of party, the majority of Americans want a cleaner, safer and healthier environment. They call for a future built on environmental justice and clean energy.

Even the casual observer sees our country being hammered annually by historic natural disasters. They also now see the human cost of clinging to the false argument that it is a choice between the environment or jobs. Americans have spoken, they want action now.

Here is one big step to get things moving – a bill in the U.S. House, HR 2307. The Energy Innovation and Climate Dividend Act is a market-based solution endorsed by multiple winners of the Nobel Prize for Economics and members of both parties.

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Ask Congressman Jim Hagedorn to be on the right side of history and act to protect all of his constituents by co-signing this critical bill.

Edward Cohen, Rochester