To the Rochester City Council and mayor:

I am very concerned about recent statements made by Rochester Park Board President Linnea Archer in reference to the American flag. I am sure you are aware of those comments as reported in the Post Bulletin.

The comments were completely outside the mission of the park board and had no reason to be stated in an official park board meeting. It is very disturbing that Archer has those viewpoints of the American flag and that she would state them in her official capacity as park board president.

I served in the United States Air Force to support and protect the United States of America and its symbol, the American flag. I am completely disgusted and insulted that Archer is representing me in her capacity as park board president.

I am asking you to request that she resign from her position on the Rochester Park Board as her officially stated views do not positively represent our community or the park board. If she does not resign, then she needs to be removed from the park board.

Mark L. Bauman, Rochester