Thank you to the women who organize George Floyd Square at 38th and Chicago in Minneapolis. I was there Tuesday from a few hours after the verdict until 10 p.m., when we were sent home by the gatekeeper. I have since learned the gatekeeper to be Eliza Wesley, a magical woman I did not meet but who will be in my heart forever. I knew nobody there, and I know everybody there. We cried, we screamed, we prayed, we danced. We believe in community and one family. Is it OK to celebrate? Yes, for one night, it was OK. It was good, in fact. I soaked up the visual art under the watch of preservationist Jeanelle Austin. I relished in the headlight-illuminated grooving of Madi Ramirez-Tentinger. I huddled with other women surrounding the Agape Movement protectors and the Rev. Jesse Jackson with love.

These caregiving leaders and others have established an open-to-all, transformative space for the healing of personal and collective trauma. It is essential and invaluable. As the world watches, including individuals with deep pockets, what online mechanisms exist to provide financial support to the George Floyd Square, Meet on the Streets, and the No Justice – No Streets movements?

Ellen L. Goode, Rochester

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