I appreciated the Rochester Post Bulletin on April 20, defending the American Flag in the face of Rochester Parks Board President Linnea Archer's recent comments insulting our American flag. Likewise, a sincere thanks to Dick Dale, a Rochester Parks Commission member present at the meeting, who spoke up for the flag as well.

It doesn't take a person with much common sense to understand and appreciate how blessed every person in this country is to live here. That flag flies over each and every one of us, keeping us safe and allowing us to speak and act freely – even those who wish to do us harm.

President Archer, American citizens love America. It is inconceivable that you or anyone else would consider it "a sign of injustice." Saying that impugns and insults all of the decent folks in the United States who daily strive to do the right thing. How dare you! You further stated that "symbols, such as flags, can be well-intentioned and still cause conflict." Wrong people cause conflict and stir up trouble, often intentionally.

American citizens are not perfect, but by and large, we sure try our level best to keep it the best it can be.

If you do not love and appreciate America, you should certainly "exit stage left," and see how much less injustice you find anywhere else in the world.

Emil Koretzky, Rochester

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