In a piece on April 20, Bari Amadio made some misleading claims about ranked choice voting (RCV).

Amadio claims RCV is not a “one person – one vote” system, The Minnesota Supreme Court came to a different conclusion in 2009 in which they found RCV is constitutional and is a one-person, one-vote system. RCV is no different from our current two-round system in which voters go to a primary and a general election. If their favorite candidate is out in the primary, they vote for a second choice in the general election or stay home because they don’t like anyone else. It’s a voter’s preference if and how far they rank their ballot. RCV is a proven voting system used in cities and states across the country.

Ms. Amadio favors candidates who win with less than a majority of votes. In contrast, RCV ensures candidates win with broad majority support. I couldn’t disagree with her more on this point. Our democracy is in desperate need of candidates who appeal beyond their narrow base and are rewarded for working across the aisle and problem solving once in office. RCV does this.

Please join me in countering RCV misinformation like Ms. Amadio is spreading and help push for passage of HF 89 and SF 218 which would implement RCV statewide and make it easier for Rochester to adopt and use RCV. Contact representatives. Liz Bolden and Tina Leibling and senators Carla Nelson and Dave Senjem and urge them to make this legislation a priority.

Anna Froehling, Rochester