I just finished reading Rep. Jim Hagedorn's “Hagedorn Report," which was replete with falsehoods and misleading innuendos, all taken from his Trump playbook. We need to remind Rep. Hagedorn that he won the district with 49% of the vote, meaning that 51 % of his district did not agree with his policies. In fact, the mysterious third campaign, which advocated for approval of marijuana as its main policy, garnered 21,000 votes. Had this not happened, it is likely Dan Feehan would have won.

Hagedorn's uses of "Socialism," "activist judges," "undermine our way of life," "assault on our founding principles," "taxpayers foot the bill," and "Green New Deal" are old-hat, catch phrases to incite people and do nothing to bring us better policies regarding health care, child care, education, family leave, jobs, and care for our land, air and water. They just whitewash and accuse. Take 5 minutes to actually look at policies and judge their merits. The last 100 days have brought us a breath of fresh air and the chance to recover our balance. Let's look at policies objectively, judge their merits and go from there. Empty words and name-calling are no longer acceptable. We need to go forward, not backward.

Rep. Hagedorn represents all of us, not just 49%.

Florence Sandok, Rochester

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