Parks and trails are important amenities in our community.

Scientific studies show that time in nature is important to health. Parks can provide this.

The usage of parks has increased greatly in the past year. Visit any natural area in a local park, and you will see far more trail wear than has happened in my 50 years of experience. Once people have discovered the joys of using our parks, it is likely they will continue to use our parks.

Our community has voted and expressed willingness to increase support for parks.

Parks and trails are available to all people in our community, regardless of economic status. They can benefit everyone.

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The population of our community continues to increase – leading to increased demand for parks.

Park resources, especially natural resources, need more management resources and efforts.

We need to not only expand the base of income to support parks, but also increase the total amount of support.

Please remember how important, long term, parks and trails are, and how they are important to the quality of life in our community.

Urge the city, county, and state to support our parks.

Consider joining a parks friends group or volunteer at a local park.

Each of us can do our part to see that nature and parks are plentiful and well managed, both now and in the future.

Joel Dunnette, Rochester