The result of the 2020 presidential election is not a matter of opinion or debate; it was a free, fair and secure election. Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris are the legitimate, duly elected (by popular vote and electoral college) president and vice president.

I pledge allegiance to the United States of America, my loyalty to the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, and government of, by and for the people – not corporations or the uber-rich. “I so swear."

Furthermore, there is no tolerance or place for symbols or statues of the Confederacy, Nazism or white supremacy endorsing their ideologies or propaganda. These shall be banned from public promotion, display and sale; proponents may not have access to social media platforms. This includes those also promoting alternate-realities, Q-Anon conspiracies and Russian disinformation – due to their baseless, toxic, dishonest, divisive, inflammatory and insurgent nature.

This pledge also rejects recent, numerous proposed state “voter protection / suppression” laws.

Failure of elected representatives to publicly swear to and verbally espouse these principles will result in their removal from office.

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Those banned officials, by virtue of not making this pledge, shall not retain any privileges of their former office, will forfeit their government pension, and be forbidden to hold any other elected office for their lifetime.

Christopher Miller, Rochester