In the Jim Hagedorn report of 05.16.21 there are several issues raised that should be of concern to the voters of Minnesota’s First Congressional District. He proposes ending the federal unemployment benefits. His concern is that small businesses are having difficulty finding workers due to a labor shortage created by excessive federal unemployment compensation. That is his opinion, and he cites no evidence supporting that claim. He should also be concerned about the fate of unemployed low-wage workers who are now getting some financial relief.

Jim Hagedorn was happy to announce that Mankato Regional Airport has received $1,965,000 from the FAA to upgrade the airport. Congressman Hagedorn failed to comment on the fact that the total cost for the upgrade will be $ 3,300,000 and it will be totally funded from the FAA grant and from funds from the Biden American Recovery Rescue Plan. Incidentally Congressman Hagedorn voted against the American Recovery Rescue Plan.

Doyt L. Conn, Rochester

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