Caught earlier this year for taking credit for government programs that he voted against, it now appears that Rep. Jim Hagedorn is trying to create racial animosity from the processing of the SBA’s implementation of the Restaurant Revitalization program by misrepresenting their actions. In his May 29 newsletter, he claims that white restaurant and bar owners are discriminated against and funding is being provided to “illegal aliens.” However, in the video he links to the newsletter where he questions SBA Administrator Isabella Guzman, she points out that, while veterans (5%), women (40%) and socially and economically disadvantaged owners (23%) are given priority in application processing, 32% of the applications received have been from others falling outside of the preferential processing criteria and all applications have been admitted. The congressman considers this reverse discrimination. And, despite the SBA requirement that applicants be US taxpayers, he claims that money is going to “illegal aliens.”

This congressman is misusing his constituent communication by his untrue statements unsupported by facts. It seems as though he had his newsletter written and linked in the SBA hearing clip expecting that no one would actually listen to it.

Steve Strange, Rochester

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