Sen. David Senjem (R) represents our district. He chairs the Senate Energy Committee. In that role, he supported the ECO Act through to its passage, thus improving Minnesota’s health, budgets and environment.

As our Legislature negotiates the state budget, Senjem's Republican colleagues are trying to stall efforts to make electric vehicles more available to Minnesotans.

But we know that Sen. Senjem’s views may differ. His opinions toward the need for clean energy vastly changed in 2018, when he joined a delegation to meet with German elected officials and energy leaders.

In an Oct. 29, 2018, PB article, he stated, "I have gone through a conversion on this, I have evolved.”

We’re fortunate the senator can jettison beliefs when presented with irrefutable facts and evidence.

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Now, Sen. Senjem, please pay attention again to what the German government is doing about electric vehicles. By 2030, they want to register 7 to 10 million of them. In January 2020 Reuters, citing Germany’s road-traffic regulator, said battery-electric vehicle sales were over 194,000, a three-fold rise.

Major automobile manufacturers now acknowledge the age of the internal combustion engine is coming to an end. American workers will be building those electric vehicles. Fourteen states now give their residents the chance to buy them.

Allow the MPCA to adopt the Clean Car Standards now.

Edward Cohen, Rochester